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We are now offering individual classes for students 7-15 years old.  Students love our group classes, but sometimes they need a little more time and flexibility to thrive.   That's where our one-on-one classes come in!


Your child will be placed with an experienced teacher trained in leading classes at your child's level.  Classes are 45 minutes, once a week for 8 weeks and fully focused on building, practicing, and refining your child's English communication skills. 


These classes are available for all levels from phonics to advanced literature and composition. 


Class takes place in our interactive online classroom where students can meet and practice in real time with one of our experienced English teachers.  

Class size:  1 student

Class levels available:  Beginner, Pre Intermediate & Intermediate, Pre Advanced & Advanced

Ages: 7-15

Number of classes: 8  (1 class per week for 8 weeks)

Class Days: Flexible scheduling available





NEW! 1:1 Classes (Once a week)

  • Your child will be assigned a general class level to begin.  Through the intial classes, the teacher will adapt and tailor the instruction and activity level specific to your child. 


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